Empowering Women to Nurture
the “Me” in Motherhood

As a new mom, you’re probably finding that your life has completely turned on its head. Not only is your new baby suddenly the center of your universe, but you’re so completely engaged in the exciting and wonderful role of being a mother that you can’t seem to remember what life was like before your little bundle of joy arrived.

All of a sudden, you’re seeing the world in a completely different way. Among other things, your priorities have totally shifted. You no longer make time to get lost in a great novel, have coffee with friends or pursue the passions that used to be important to you. Now, anything that doesn’t involve your baby feels frivolous.

While this is all completely natural, losing sight of yourself as a woman is one of the biggest mistakes new moms make. Even though it’s easy to forget about your passions, dreams and desires, it’s imperative that you take time to nurture yourself and connect to the interests you had before you became a mother.

MomMe Rx is where you can come to find yourself as a woman again.

Here you will learn how to create a sustainable, healthy balance between your two identities, and where you will practice nurturing, honoring and reconnecting with yourself as both a woman and a mom.

Reclaim yourself as a woman and a mother. Reclaim the “me” in motherhood.

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At MomMe Rx, you will:

  • Create who you are as a Mom
  • Remember who you were as a Woman
  • Integrate Mom and Woman into Who You Are Now
  • Feel energized and gain a sense of direction
  • Approach mothering and relationships in a calm, relaxed manner
  • Hone communication skills and learn conflict resolution strategies
  • Incorporate self-care and self-development into your life
  • Gain confidence in your parenting skills through 'Parenting Without Permission'